I know what you’re thinking. According to Orvis, 60 percent of all households in the U.S. have at least one pet. Your Bichon Frise will get along well with other animals, should you already own any. Here are the most easygoing dogs. Bad news: not all dogs are ideal for apartment living – many of them are serious barkers.. Grooming level required: Low. 10-25 lbs of stubbornness in a handsome black and white coat, Boston Terriers can be hyperactive at times. Some apartments do not allow (or may charge additional fees for) dogs over 55 lbs. He can spend all day lounging in bed, just like you with your very worst hangover. But we’ve got some good news for you – there are dog breeds suitable for apartment living! © The American Kennel Club, Inc. 2020. Noise level: Medium to high. The apartments assume that everybody knows what dogs are "aggressive," which is a false assumption. If Afghan Hounds have enough exercise, they can adapt well to living in a small apartment. Poodles love kids. If you’ve just gone through a soul-crushing breakup, the Chinese Crested will nurse your blackened heart back to health. This dog is patience personified, and in its face we see this reflected, which is why the boxer is considered one of the least aggressive dog breeds.This is one of the less active dog breeds and is perfect for those owners who do not want too much exercise. The Bichon’s coat barely sheds, so this breed is good for people with allergies. Basset Hound. Pugs shed a lot, so invest in a decent vacuum cleaner! Kid friendliness: Very high. The breed is known for being tough and tenacious, but personally I think the bulldog’s squashy face is too adorable to be intimidating. They’re also hypoallergenic so people with allergies won’t have to worry! These dogs like to talk! After barking at an intruder, she’ll probably try to lick his face off. Just make sure to consider your neighbors when choosing a dog: You'll want a pet that doesn't bark incessantly and is polite when meeting other people, in the elevator, on the stairs or in the lobby. What’s a Bitsa you ask? Noise level: Medium. While any dog can bite, these breeds usually turn out to be ... there are some breeds that deserve their reputation for being non-aggressive, ... (and apartment) dwellers. I’ve been searching high and low for a dog-friendly, one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco for a few months now, and let me tell you, ... Just no aggressive breeds. But they’re so incredibly cute, all bad behavior is forgiven. The website also says the apartment allows "non-aggressive breeds," but there is no external link to guide potential residents to view the specific dog restrictions. The Basenji is probably one of the oldest breeds of domesticated dog, and perhaps that’s why he’s not a barker. That being said, they’re affectionate, intelligent and fast learners. We have a few honorable mentions for apartment living that used to be on our top ten list. So yeah, don’t own a bird. Weight: 40-70 Lbs. Forgetting her size, she’ll probably challenge the Doberman down the block to a fight, so be careful when you’re on walks together. Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. But they can jump over low fences, so be careful not to let them escape! 15. Chihuahuas need 20-30 minutes of daily exercise, and are eager to keep playing, so make sure your dog doesn’t wear herself out. 2. Your greyhound is just as happy snuggling up with you, watching HBO as he is playing in the park. The Retriever would be a poor choice as a guard dog as it's friendly to strangers. He’ll wheeze louder than your drunken grandpa, who’s passed out in front of the TV. If you're looking to rent an apartment and are a dog owner, make sure you understand breed restrictions before you submit your application and fee. Cavaliers are attached to their owners and like to be spoiled. Dobermans. Breeds in this category are usually considered rambunctious and hard to manage, in addition to being dangerous. You might even be shocked to learn that some large breed dogs do well living in small quarters. But do socialize her around kids. Your Apartment Locator at BestApartmentsDFW.com needs to be made aware up front if you have a dog breed that is usually banned by apartments. Just look at those big round eyes! (If you’re a chick, then like me, you’ve probably seen every episode more than once). Restricted breeds are typically dogs that are considered to be dangerous by the wider public. The mastiff doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. 44 Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Living. They are reliable when it comes to housebreaking and aren’t usually big barkers. This includes dogs like the Pit bull, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Cane Corso, fRottweilers or Doberman pinschers, even if those dogs are perfectly well behaved. Chinese Shar-Pei This is another good apartment dog that does not bark a lot. If you’re on the aggressive dog breeds list for apartments, it will be extremely difficult for you to find a rental. You might think it’s cute when your bulldog snores (not so cute when he farts), but beware of the many respiratory problems they’re prone to. Getting outside is important for this breed. 10 Lazy Dog Breeds Perfect For Apartment Living Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at 4:10 pm Apartment living certainly has its advantages, such as not having to mow the lawn or take care of the countless other home maintenance projects that might be needed if you owned your home. Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind and forgotten that we’re talking about apartment dogs. But before we dive into our list, let’s cover some ways to keep your pet happy in this type of environment. Brush their coat 3-4 times a week and bathe the dog when necessary. It is assumed that large breeds will cause more of a nuisance than smaller breeds, either in regard to barking or aggression.Kind of ironic considering how snippy small dogs can be. According to the website DogsBite.org, there are approximately 1,000 people in the United States that suffer from dog bites, per day. This guy needs you to clean out his facial wrinkles on a daily basis to remove dirt and debris, and also requires daily brushing. So if your girlfriend’s high-maintenance Siamese has to stay, you won’t worry about your pug making a meal out of it (he might wrestle with it instead, so let’s hope the cat’s a fighter!). Ready to. Bulldog. My Weimaraner is considered a large breed, so finding an apartment with him would be difficult.. Weims are also well-known for their separation anxiety and he has literally eaten a door while I was at work. But give her love and she’ll love you right back, charming you with her spunk and loyalty. Exercising their minds with thinking games and training inside your apartment work just as well! But when your beloved dog is of a certain breed, no matter how sweet he is, you may discover that finding a no-breed-restriction apartment is beyond difficult. In this article, we have explored 19 of the least aggressive dog breeds that you can consider when choosing a pet for your home. Having a dog is a big (but fun) responsibility, especially if you live in an apartment in the heart of a city. Bichons do need daily brushing to keep their fur from matting. Mastiffs were bred to attack intruders. That’s why we compiled this list of the most apartment friendly dogs for your consideration and although we’ve narrowed it down to the top ten, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of great pups out there! Some future dog owners are forced to be more picky about the exact breed they can adopt and share a home with. It also states that only about 9 percent of all dog breeds that exist today are responsible for the majority of attacks. Exercise: Medium. Lastly, because they are a combination of breeds, you’re more likely to be allowed to have say a pitbull-mix than, unfortunately, if your dog is predominately pitbull. Kid friendliness: Medium. A very popular choice for families with kids and elders, the Basset Hound is a dog with a pleasant and calm temperament. Workaholics who spend all day and night at the office will break his fluffy little heart! If a building has dog breed restrictions… Unfortunately, due to those bug eyes, pugs are prone to eye injuries. But like Beyonce, your Shiba is fiercely independent, which is why it’s important to socialize her early with other dogs. Poodles are considered one of the most intelligent breeds around, so their trainability and social nature make them ideal medium sized apartment-friendly dogs.The Standard Poodle is a sturdy and healthy dog, considered to be good with kids, strangers, and other animals. That’s like having another human being in the house! We’re rated 4.5 out of 5 because renters have so much success finding places they love. Noise level: Low. There’s nothing more devastating than finding out you can’t really have a dog. ), follow you around the house, and want to sleep in bed with you. Kid friendliness: Medium: They do well with kids, but small children could be a danger to the dog because he’s so tiny. Choosing the right dog for your family is a highly-loaded endeavour with a lot riding on getting things right. The greyhound has a short, smooth coat and no undercoat. American Hairless Terrier. Nearly 100 million Americans have a canine companion at home. The following list is based on our research of most commonly restricted dog breeds, and is not based on opinion, temperament, personality, energy level, or any other factor. She’ll sit on your daughter’s lap while watching Spongebob. Bichons are good with children, but puppies should be handled by kids only under adult supervision. Living in an apartment doesn't mean you can't have a dog. They’re great with kids if raised with kids. 4 min read As one of the top 20 countries with the largest population of dogs in the world, there’s no denying Australians love their four-legged friends.. Whether you’re living in an apartment complex now or are about to move, you know you at least want to learn more about dogs that are best suited for apartments. Staffordshire Terriers. A bitsa this and a bitsa that! Make sure you've got all the supplies for a happy dog and have thought about how to be a good dog owner in an apartment community. He’s calm, loyal, and very kind around children. But the truth is that this dog could earn a gold medal in the art of being a couch potato. Make sure she gets a good daily workout. Top 10 Least Aggressive Dog Breeds 1. Greyhounds can tolerate little ones and become great companions. Get your Bichon out of the house regularly for a game of fetch, and practice teaching him tricks at home. Not all social dogs have the tendency to bark a lot. Exercise: Low. Take your pug on daily walks and everyone in the neighborhood will admire his cute wiggle as he struts around town. If you live in an apartment or condo, some of the most quiet dog breeds … Noise level: Low, except when another male is on his turf. Brush his coat once a week and clean the wrinkles of his face every day with a damp cloth. When it comes to choosing a canine family member, it helps to understand individual breed characteristics to guide your choice. You can find aggressive dogs in every breed in the world. 3. The dog breed information, or profile pages, will indicate dogs that should not live in apartments. Advertisement. Apartment List is lucky as most of our communities report which/if breeds are restricted (which is how we gathered the below information). Poodles are one of the best-behaved and even-mannered breeds you can own. Because let’s face it, you’re way too out of shape to chase him, and he might not want to come back. There are dog breeds that require high energy and plenty…. You’ll need more than one walk a day if you don’t want a smelly present to come home to.